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Floor Deck

Selling low price floordeck in Jakarta. The use of floordeck is common in Indonesia. This construction material is in the form of sheets which are generally made from galvalum. Floordeck is used as a cast floor buffer. In the modern era, this product is able to replace the formwork function when casting floor plates. Floordeck is also known as bondek. This product has several advantages, among others (1) saving the formwork of the floor because it also functions as a form work, (2) does not use the bottom reinforcing iron because its function has been replaced by bondek, (3) The workmanship is faster and cheaper when compared to conventional systems , (4) The bottom of the floor plate is guaranteed neat, because if using a conventional system with plywood formwork, there is a risk of porous concrete, cracking or ngeplin so that it requires additional finishing work, (5) Safe in case of fire, (6) Using a galvanized base material so it is anti-rust so it can last a long time. Find a variety of quality floordeck products only to us for superior products that can certainly be used for your construction foundry needs. Please contact us for detailed information.

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