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Coil Plate

Selling low price coil plates in Jakarta. Iron plate or also known as coil plate. This product is widely used for various construction applications. Coil plates are designed with varying thickness sizes, generally packaged in rolls and sheets. We provide various coil plates such as PO Plates, Ship Plates, Bordes Plates, HRC Black Coil and CRC White Coil. The use of coil plates is common in Indonesia, for example, for the automotive industry and heavy equipment manufacturing plants. Coil plates are generally sheet-shaped and processed from galvalume or chrome-coated steel. Not only construction, but plate coil is widely used in various industries. Its role can be relied upon either as production material or as a complement to the manufacture of cashing or metal boxes. Entrust the needs of the coil plate and the various needs of your iron plate only to us to get superior products with guaranteed quality. Our products have been tested for quality and excellence so they can be relied upon for your various needs. Please contact us for detailed information.

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